Services Fees

Legal Process Unit

Please note that all Sheriff's fees are nonrefundable per statute.

The fees for service of process are mandated by Florida Statute 30.231 and are as follows: 

  • $40.00 for each summons, subpoena, order or writ to be served. If there are multiple defendants to be served, a $40.00 fee and a service packet as defined here is required for each defendant.
  • All enforceable writs except executions requiring seizure of persons or property: $50 in addition to the $40 fee. This includes writs of possession and replevin.
  • Civil orders of arrest (excluding writs of attachment for child support) require the $90.00 enforceable fee, and an additional deposit of $65.00 per day the defendant is to be incarcerated.
  • If a deputy is required after the first 30 minutes, a $35 per hour cash charge is required at the time of service.