Hire a Deputy

Put our experience to work for you

General Information

Citizens, businesses and organizations can hire Deputies during their off-duty hours. The Deputies will report directly to the hiring entity. The Deputies job will be to assist the community by providing law enforcement services relating to crowd control, traffic control and security.

Deputies may be hired for the following:

  • Civic Relations
  • Construction sites
  • Dignitary protection
  • Funeral escorts
  • Job safety
  • Parades
  • Private functions
  • Social events
  • Store sales and events

Please check with Indian River County Public Works-Traffic & Engineering Division (772) 226-1547 to see if you are required to have a permit.

The Indian River County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to refuse or cancel extra-duty work assignments that are in conflict with the law or values of the Sheriff's Office. Furthermore, the Sheriff's Office may recall the deputies for official duty when necessary for community safety.